My Journey into the World of Online Freelancing

As far back as I can remember, around 2005, I stumbled upon the concept of work-from-home jobs. At that time, I was running a small computer shop with five units, and I practically lived online. It was during this period that I discovered various online money-making programs. I dabbled in things like taking surveys, clicking on websites for cash, and even delved into online marketing and some programs I can’t quite recall anymore. However, these gigs didn’t really bring in enough to make a living.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon the idea of medical transcription jobs, which offered the chance to work from home. Intrigued, I decided to take a medical transcription course through mail correspondence. During my training, I scoured Yahoo groups to connect with people in the industry. That’s when I found a mentor from India who had a small family-owned transcription company. This person generously took me under their wing, providing training to become a medical transcriptionist. I didn’t even finish my formal course because I was engrossed in hands-on training, earning a humble 10 cents per line as a trainee. Despite the modest pay, I was ecstatic. The idea of making money from home, sitting in front of my computer, was thrilling.

Back then, work-from-home opportunities weren’t popular in my country, and jobs were hard to come by where I lived. So, being one of the pioneers in this field made me exceptionally happy.

In 2006, the call center industry opened up in our province. The promise of a higher salary compared to regular jobs lured me in, and in 2007, I joined a reputable company as a customer service representative, working for US companies.

In 2007, I got married, but tragedy struck in 2009 with a miscarriage. This led me to resign, reigniting my interest in working from home. I contacted my mentor, hoping for some freelance projects. Despite the initial struggles and failed interviews, I persisted in my online job search.

One day, while browsing Craigslist, I stumbled upon a job post that caught my eye. I applied, got a call from the agency owner, and thus began my journey as a full-time online freelancer. I’m forever grateful for that agency as it exposed me to various online jobs, offering better pay than my call center job. These experiences also shaped my work ethic. I juggled roles as a customer service representative and a data entry specialist until I found my true calling when assigned to work in a doctor’s office as an admin.

Always dreaming of becoming a doctor, working in a medical practice excited me. After about six years, I decided to leave the agency, embarking on a new chapter in my freelancing journey. My first project on Upwork marked the beginning of working with medical providers in family medicine, internal medicine, metabolic medicine, ophthalmology, and neurology. Achieving top-rated plus freelancer status on the platform brought not only a handsome pay but also the freedom to set my own hours. Satisfied with my online career, I continually strive to expand my knowledge in this field.


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